Publications of Thomas J. Carney

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Journal Article
Slanchev, K.; Carney, T. J.; Stemmler, M. P.; Koschorz, B.; Amsterdam, A.; Schwarz, H.; Hammerschmidt, M.: The Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule EpCAM Is Required for Epithelial Morphogenesis and Integrity during Zebrafish Epiboly and Skin Development. PLoS Genetics 5, p. e1000563 - e1000563 (2009)
Journal Article
Carney, T. J.; von der Hardt, S.; Sonntag, C.; Amsterdam, A.; Topczewski, J.; Hopkins, N.; Hammerschmidt, M.: Inactivation of serine protease Matriptase1a by its inhibitor Hai1 is required for epithelial integrity of the zebrafish epidermis. Development 134, pp. 3461 - 3471 (2007)
Journal Article
Jänicke, M.; Carney, T. J.; Hammerschmidt, M.: Foxi3 transcription factors and Notch signaling control the formation of skin ionocytes from epidermal precursors of the zebrafish embryo. Developmental Biology 307, pp. 258 - 271 (2007)
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