Publications of Witold G. Szymanski

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Journal Article
Pessoa Rodrigues, C.; Chatterjee, A.; Wiese, M.; Stehle, T.; Szymanski, W. G.; Shvedunova, M.; Akhtar, A.: Histone H4 lysine 16 acetylation controls central carbon metabolism and diet-induced obesity in mice. Nature Communications 12, 6212 (2021)
Journal Article
Karoutas, A.; Szymanski, W. G.; Rausch, T.; Guhathakurta, S.; Rog-Zielinska, E. A.; Peyronnet, R.; Seyfferth, J.; Chen, H.-R.; de Leeuw, R.; Herquel, B. et al.; Kimura, H.; Mittler, G.; Kohl, P.; Medalia, O.; Korbel, J. O.; Akhtar, A.: The NSL complex maintains nuclear architecture stability via lamin A/C acetylation. Nature Cell Biology 21, pp. 1248 - 1260 (2019)
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