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Journal Article
Giorgetti, O. B.; Shingate, P.; O’Meara, C. P.; Ravi, V.; Pillai, N. E.; Tay, B.-H.; Prasad, A.; Iwanami, N.; Tan, H. H.; Schorpp, M. et al.; Venkatesh, B.; Boehm, T.: Antigen receptor repertoires of one of the smallest known vertebrates. Science Advances 7, eabd8180 (2021)
Journal Article
Kury, P.; Führer, M.; Fuchs, S.; Lorenz, M. R.; Giorgetti, O. B.; Bakhtiar, S.; Frei, A. P.; Fisch, P.; Boehm, T.; Schwarz, K. et al.; Speckmann, C.; Ehl, S.: Long-term robustness of a T-cell system emerging from somatic rescue of a genetic block in T-cell development. EBioMedicine 59, 102961 (2020)
Journal Article
Morimoto, R.; O’Meara, C. P.; Holland, S. J.; Trancoso, I.; Souissi, A.; Schorpp, M.; Vassaux, D.; Iwanami, N.; Giorgetti, O. B.; Evanno, G. et al.; Boehm, T.: Cytidine deaminase 2 is required for VLRB antibody gene assembly in lampreys. Science Immunology 5, eaba0925 (2020)
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