Publikationen von Eirini Trompouki

Zeitschriftenartikel (35)

Trompouki, E.; Zon, L.: Small molecule screen in zebrafish and HSC expansion. Methods in Molecular Biology 636, S. 301 - 316 (2010)
Tsagaratou, A.; Trompouki, E.; Grammenoudi, S.; Kontoyiannis, D. L.; Mosialos, G.: Thymocyte-specific truncation of the deubiquitinating domain of CYLD impairs positive selection in a NF-kappaB essential modulator-dependent manner. The Journal of Immunology 185, S. 2032 - 2043 (2010)
Trompouki, E.; Tsagaratou, A.; Kosmidis, S. K.; Dollé, P.; Qian, J.; Kontoyiannis, D. L.; Cardoso, W. V.; Mosialos, G.: Truncation of the catalytic domain of the cylindromatosis tumor suppressor impairs lung maturation. Neoplasia 11, S. 469 - 476 (2009)
Jono, H.; Lim, J. H.; Chen, L.-F.; Xu, H.; Trompouki, E.; Pan, Z. K.; Mosialos, G.; Li, J.-D.: NF-kappaB is essential for induction of CYLD, the negative regulator of NF-kappaB: evidence for a novel inducible autoregulatory feedback pathway. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 279, S. 36171 - 36174 (2004)
Trompouki, E.; Hatzivassiliou, E.; Tsichritzis, T.; Farmer, H.; Ashworth, A.; Mosialos, G.: CYLD is a deubiquitinating enzyme that negatively regulates NF-kappaB activation by TNFR family members. Nature 424, S. 793 - 796 (2003)
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