Publications of Anja Nusser

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Nusser, A.; Sagar; Swann, J.; Krauth, B.; Diekhoff, D.; Calderon, L.; Happe, C.; Grün, D.; Boehm, T.: Developmental dynamics of two bipotent thymic epithelial progenitor types. Nature (2022)
Journal Article
Morimoto, R.; Swann, J.; Nusser, A.; Trancoso, I.; Schorpp, M.; Boehm, T.: Evolution of thymopoietic microenvironments. Open Biology 11, 200383 (2021)
Journal Article
Swann, J.; Nusser, A.; Morimoto, R.; Nagakubo, D.; Boehm, T.: Retracing the evolutionary emergence of thymopoiesis. Science Advances 6, eabd9585 (2020)
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