Pint of Science Freiburg 2019


  • Beginn: 20.05.2019
  • Ende: 22.05.2019
  • Gastgeber: Pint of Science Freiburg / Nikki van Teylingen Bakker
Pint of Science Freiburg 2019
Pint of Science is an international festival which brings together scientists and the general public to discuss science in a very unusual environment: in a pub with a good pint of beer. For the second time, Freiburg joins the worldwide “Pint of Science” community, spread over 24 countries, and already involving nine cities around Germany. Over three days from May 20th to 22th, two venues will host the worldwide event here in Freiburg with an exciting speaker line-up, a nice atmosphere and for sure delicious drinks.

More information on the topics, speakers, venues, the event itself as well as the option to order your ticket will be available soon on:

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