Seminare & Veranstaltungen

Raum: Main Lecture Hall
The tri-national "Gene Regulation Club" is a half-day symposium that brings together chromatin, epigenetics, and transcription groups from within the Strasbourg (IGBMC), Freiburg (MPI-IE), and Basel (FMI) area. With an informal but high-quality atmosphere, the meeting aims to foster discussion and inspire new and strengthen existing collaborations. The meeting encourages PhD students and Postdocs to present their work. [mehr]

SGS: Yonatan Stelzer - Spatiotemporal models of mammalian development

Max Planck Special Guest Lecture Series
The Stelzer lab on Epigenetics in Development and Disease is interested in unraveling one of biology's most intriguing puzzles: how a single fertilized egg develops into a full-fledged embryo through a short period of growth and cellular differentiation, despite every cell sharing the same genetic blueprint. Yonatan Stelzer joins the Max Planck Special Guest Lecture Series with a talk on “Spatiotemporal models of mammalian development: An epigeneticist's dream or nightmare?” [mehr]

Forschung höchstpersönlich mit Thomas Jenuwein: Wir sind mehr als die Summe unserer Gene

Forschung höchstpersönlich
Started in 2012 at the MPI-IE, the “Forschung höchstpersönlich” talk series offers a platform for our scientists to present their research to non-scientific staff, enhancing understanding and collaboration. Held quarterly and conducted in German, the talks are hosted by the institute's Public Relations Officer, fostering a deeper connection within the institute. [mehr]
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