Labor Flury

Flury, V.; Groth, A.: Safeguarding the epigenome through the cell cycle: a multitasking game. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 85, 102161 (2024)
Wenger, A.; Biran, A.; Alcaraz, N.; Redó-Riveiro, A.; Sell, A. C.; Krautz, R.; Flury, V.; Reverón-Gómez, N.; Solis-Mezarino, V.; Völker-Albert, M. et al.; Imhof, A.; Andersson, R.; Brickman, J. M.; Groth, A.: Symmetric inheritance of parental histones governs epigenome maintenance and embryonic stem cell identity. Nature Genetics 55, S. 1567 - 1578 (2023)
Flury, V.; Reverón-Gómez, N.; Alcaraz, N.; Stewart-Morgan, K. R.; Wenger, A.; Klose, R. J.; Groth, A.: Recycling of modified H2A-H2B provides short-term memory of chromatin states. Cell 186, S. 1050 - 1065 (2023)
Kuzdere, T.; Flury, V.; Schalch, T.; Iesmantavicius, V.; Hess, D.; Bühler, M.: Differential phosphorylation of Clr4SUV39H by Cdk1 accompanies a histone H3 methylation switch that is essential for gametogenesis. EMBO Reports 24, e55928 (2022)
Bao, H.; Carraro, M.; Flury, V.; Liu, Y.; Luo, M.; Chen, L.; Groth, A.; Huang, H.: NASP maintains histone H3-H4 homeostasis through two distinct H3 binding modes. Nucleic Acids Research 50, S. 5349 - 5368 (2022)
Reverón-Gómez, N.; González-Aguilera, C.; Stewart-Morgan, K. R.; Petryk, N.; Flury, V.; Graziano, S.; Johansen, J. V.; Jakobsen, J. S.; Alabert, C.; Groth, A.: Accurate Recycling of Parental Histones Reproduces the Histone Modification Landscape during DNA Replication. Molecular Cell 72, S. 239 - 249 (2018)
Flury, V.; Georgescu, P. R.; Iesmantavicius, V.; Shimada, Y.; Kuzdere, T.; Braun, S.; Bühler, M.: The Histone Acetyltransferase Mst2 Protects Active Chromatin from Epigenetic Silencing by Acetylating the Ubiquitin Ligase Brl1. Molecular Cell 67, S. 294 - 307 (2017)
Kowalik, K. M.; Shimada, Y.; Flury, V.; Stadler, M. B.; Batki, J.; Bühler, M.: The Paf1 complex represses small-RNA-mediated epigenetic gene silencing. Nature 520, S. 248 - 252 (2015)

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