Seminare & Veranstaltungen


SGS: Rong Fan - Mapping Tissue Development, Aging, and Diseases via Spatial Epigenomics

Max Planck Special Guest Lecture Series
We are happy to announce our upcoming special guest seminar given by Prof. Rong Fan from Yale University on June 19th at 1 pm in the lecture hall of the Institute. The title of Prof. Fan's talk, who is currently the Harold Hodgkinson Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Yale University and a Professor of Pathology at Yale School of Medicine, is to be announced. [mehr]

SGS: Yonatan Stelzer - Spatiotemporal models of mammalian development

Max Planck Special Guest Lecture Series
The Stelzer lab on Epigenetics in Development and Disease is interested in unraveling one of biology's most intriguing puzzles: how a single fertilized egg develops into a full-fledged embryo through a short period of growth and cellular differentiation, despite every cell sharing the same genetic blueprint. Yonatan Stelzer joins the Max Planck Special Guest Lecture Series with a talk on “Spatiotemporal models of mammalian development: An epigeneticist's dream or nightmare?” [mehr]

SGS: Marieke Oudelaar - Mechanisms that drive 3D genome folding and their function in gene regulation

Max Planck Special Guest Lecture Series
Marieke Oudelaar heads a Lise Meitner Group at the MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences on “Genome Organization and Regulation”. She will be joining our Special Guest Lecture Series in June 2024 to talk about her research on the regulation of gene expression in the three-dimensional genome. [mehr]

Forschung höchstpersönlich mit Thomas Jenuwein: Wir sind mehr als die Summe unserer Gene

Forschung höchstpersönlich
Started in 2012 at the MPI-IE, the “Forschung höchstpersönlich” talk series offers a platform for our scientists to present their research to non-scientific staff, enhancing understanding and collaboration. Held quarterly and conducted in German, the talks are hosted by the institute's Public Relations Officer, fostering a deeper connection within the institute. [mehr]
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