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Fuchs, S.; Rensing-Ehl, A.; Speckmann, C.; Bengsch, B.; Schmitt-Graeff, A.; Bondzio, I.; Maul-Pavicic, A.; Bass, T.; Vraetz, T.; Strahm, B. et al.; Ankermann, T.; Benson, M.; Caliebe, A.; Fölster-Holst, R.; Kaiser, P.; Thimme, R.; Schamel, W. W.; Schwarz, K.; Feske, S.; Ehl, S.: Antiviral and Regulatory T Cell Immunity in a Patient with Stromal Interaction Molecule 1 Deficiency. The Journal of Immunology 188, S. 1523 - 1533 (2012)
Maul-Pavicic, A.; Chiang, S. C. C.; Rensing-Ehl, A.; Jessen, B.; Fauriate, C.; Wood, S. M.; Sjöqvist, S.; Hufnagel, M.; Schulze, I.; Bass, T. et al.; Schamel, W. W.; Fuchs, S.; Pircher, H.-P.; McCarl, C.-A.; Mikoshiba, K.; Schwarz, K.; Feske, S.; Bryceson, Y. T.; Ehl, S.: ORAI1-mediated calcium influx is requried for human cytotoxic lymphocyte degranulation and target cell lysis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 108, S. 3324 - 3329 (2011)
Bass, T.; Ebert, M.; Hammerschmidt, M.; Frank, M.: Differential expression of four protocadherin alpha and gamma clusters in the developing and adult zebrafish: DrPcdh2γ but not DrPcdgh1γ is expressed in neuronal precursor cells, ependymal cells and non-neural epithelia. Development Genes and Evolution 217, S. 337 - 351 (2007)

Hochschulschrift - Diplom (1)

Hochschulschrift - Diplom
Bass, T.: Untersuchungen zur Expression und Funktion von Protocadherinen der Gamma-Familien im Zebrafisch. Diplom, Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg im Breisgau (2004)
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