Publikationen von Kerstin Gimborn

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Gimborn, K.; Lessmann, E.; Kuppig, S.; Krystal, G.; Huber, M.: SHIP Down-Regulates FcεR-1-Induced Degranulation at Supraoptimal IgE or Antigen Levels. The Journal of Immunology 174, S. 507 - 516 (2005)
Schamel, W. W. A.; Kuppig, S.; Becker, B.; Gimborn, K.; Hauri, H.-P.; Reth, M.: A high-molecular-weight complex of membrane proteins BAP29/BAP31 is involved in the retention of membrane-bound IgD in the endoplasmic reticulum. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 100 (17), S. 9861 - 9866 (2003)
Leitges, M.; Gimborn, K.; Elis, W.; Kalesnikoff, J.; Hughes, M. R.; Krystal, G.; Huber, M.: Protein Kinase C-δ Is a Negative Regulator of Antigen-Induced Mast Cell Degranulation. Molecular and Cellular Biology 22 (12), S. 3970 - 3980 (2002)
Pracht, C.; Gimborn, K.; Reth, M.; Huber, M.: BCR mutants deficient in ligand-independent and more sensitive for ligand-dependent signaling. European Journal of Immunology 32 (6), S. 1614 - 1620 (2002)
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